Dairy farm, Central Jutland, Denmark

Højris: a dairy farm with 120 hectares of land and more than 130 dairy cows. This company was acquired in 2015.

Højris is located in Central Jutland and has 120 hectares of land. The company was acquired by Interfarms Invest in January 2015. At the time of purchase, the company was no longer in production. Together with the tenants, we started this up again in the summer of 2015.


There is a modern free stall barn with 200 boxes, a shed with feed storage and sufficient manure storage.

130 to 140 dairy cows are milked on 2 (new) robots. The young cattle barn was completely renovated in 2016.


The associated plots of agricultural land are diverse. From high and therefore dry plots to wet low plots. Due to a good irrigation network, there are excellent possibilities for irrigating. Investments have also been made in drainage, which has made the lowest plots much more accessible. As a result, sufficient and high-quality feed can be obtained in both dry (2018) and wet (2017) years.


Due to a delayed start-up of the company and an extremely low milk price, the yield was under some pressure in the first three years. The desired return of 4% on equity was therefore not fully achieved. The start-up problems now seem to be over, farm adjustments have been made and the milk price has improved considerably. The return of 4% is therefore possible again.

Due to the investments in the company, the value has increased slightly (3%). However, the expected land value increase has not yet taken place.

Investment opportunity

You can invest in this company, we offer a guaranteed 4% return on your invested capital.

For an inventory of your options and for more information, please contact Mr. W. Buiter: +31 (0)6 55 39 29 66.