Project Participation

Are you looking for an investment in agricultural real estate, where you benefit from the returns and also have a say in the operation of the company, while relying on the expertise of experts in agricultural investments? Then is Project Participation from Interfarms Invest something for you.

As an investor in an Interfarms Invest Project Fund, you actively participate and are a co-shareholder.

  • Participation parallels the duration of the project
  • Annual interest payment at least 2%
  • Average return of 4 to 8% per year
  • Share in profit and loss
  • Minimum investment € 100,000
  • Interfarms Invest participates for at least 10%

Assessing a suitable investment property

In order to assess the suitability of an investment object, the right combination of factors is critically examined, such as: The availability of an agricultural company with potential, available knowledge, experience and contacts with the local agricultural market and favorable macro-economic developments.