Sander Nijskens


Your Emigration Guide for Australian Farming Opportunities

Meet Sander Nijskens, a seasoned professional with a diverse background in dairy farming, finance, and ruminant nutrition. Sander's journey began at the age of 14 when his parents made the courageous decision to relocate the family from Zuid Limburg, Netherlands, to Australia, where they purchased and operated a dairy farm. Today, Sander's parents successfully manage a thriving dairy operation, milking 250 cows on 160 hectares of land, with an additional 80-hectare block dedicated to young stock.

Drawing inspiration from his family's farming heritage, Sander developed a passion for the agricultural industry. He embarked on a path that led him to complete a Bachelor of Business in Farm Management at university. Building on his education, Sander honed his expertise in agribusiness during a four-year tenure at the ANZ (Australia New Zealand Bank), where he held various positions in Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, and South Australia.

After his banking career, Sander transitioned into the field of ruminant nutrition, joining one of Victoria's largest family-owned stockfeed companies. Over a span of 5.5 years, he managed the ruminant business across five feed mills, showcasing his strategic acumen and industry knowledge.

Motivated by a desire for greater autonomy and control over his professional journey, Sander ventured into entrepreneurship. Today, he operates his own consulting business, providing specialized guidance in finance and ruminant nutrition to both corporate and family farms. Alongside his consulting work, Sander remains connected to his roots, assisting his parents with their dairy farm operations whenever possible.

Excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Interfarms, a renowned real estate company, Sander serves as an emigration guide, showcasing the vast opportunities that Australia has to offer. His extensive experience in both the farming and financial sectors uniquely positions him to guide and support farmers in their transition to the Australian agricultural landscape.

Sander's deep understanding of farm management, coupled with his comprehensive knowledge of financial and nutritional aspects, empowers farmers to make informed decisions and establish thriving enterprises. Whether you're seeking to start a dairy farm, explore other agricultural ventures, or simply embark on a new chapter in the land Down Under, Sander is your dedicated partner, committed to ensuring a seamless transition and a solid foundation for success.

Contact Sander Nijkens today to embark on your Australian farming adventure and tap into his expertise as your trusted emigration guide. With Sander by your side, you'll navigate the complexities of relocation and unlock the limitless potential Australia holds for your agricultural aspirations.

Jurian Kosters

Jurian Kosters


In 1999 Jurian Koster migrated from the Netherlands to Surwold, West Germany. After three years farming in Surwold, they sold

their business. They have purchased another dairy in Selsingen. They have rebuild the farm for the most part. On the farm is a freestall barn with 112 stalls and two milking robots. They are currently milking a full quota of 700,000 kg. Because his parents still active in the company, Jurian has the ability to guide future emigrants in West Germany.


Frie de Wit


Frie's roots lie in Normandy where his mother and aunt were born. In Standdaarbuiten (Noord-Brabant) his parents had a poultry farm with a size of 22,000 laying hens. The location of the company close to the village forced

the family to go back to France in the 70s. Here they bought a farmhouse with 130 ha of land and a vineyard of 60 ha in the peace and quiet of the French south. The company has expanded and relocated over the years. Since 2009, Frie has been involved in the purchase and sale of farms in France, starting in 2014 for himself. From early 2016, he has been working closely with Interfarms with his own brokerage firm.


Claudia Gloudemans


Twan and Claudia Gloudermans live with their three children in Swedish ‘Hjo’. After traveling around for several years they bought as one of the first Dutch emigrates a dairy farm in Sweden. Right now they milk up to 170 cows and

they have been thinking about expanding.

Twan and Claudia already have several years of experience in guiding emigrates to Sweden. They will help you with a range of different things like; finding the right place, creating a business plan and help making contracts with the bank. The short version: they offer full guidance to Sweden.

Laurens de Man

Laurens de Man


Laurens de Man's behalf Pro4ce sro the Interfarms consultant for Slovakia. Pro4ce sro is a Slovak-Dutch consultancy firm with almost 19 years experience in Slovakia. Laurens is co-founder of Pro4ce sro and guides since 1994 involving the purchase

and rental of (agricultural) grounds, the development of (agricultural) property, the financial structuring of projects and the management of property. Laurens grew up in the Netherlands and studied business in Rotterdam and has a Master's degree in Real Estate (the University of Tilburg). Besides local experts Pro4ce sro has a Dutch management that leads the office in Bratislava, capital of Slovakia. The Dutch management lives and works since 1994 in Slovakia.

Marianna Westerkamp

Marianna Westerkamp


Marianna Westerkamp was born and raised in the Netherlands. 14 years ago she emigrated to Canada, Prince Edward Island. Purchases and sales of real estate is where she since 14 years has been involved with. In 2014, she started selling agricultural objects and

since 2015 she is currently working with Interfarms. During this period, she has acquired a lot of knowledge about agricultural land, the quality of land, appropriate locations, contracts relating to quotas and whatever else is important. She also has an extensive network of farmers in Prince Edward Island, so she can provide appropriate guidance with the purchase of an agricultural company in the Maritimes of Prince Edward Island. Marianna helps you with everything needed in relation to the acquisition and financing of your business. In PEI is an excellent team available that can help, and also the Department of Agriculture provides the necessary guidance.


Cor van Gaalen


Cor Van Gaalen is born and raised on a cash crop and poultry farm in Southwestern Ontario, his parents emigrated to Ontario, Canada in 1989. Cor graduated from Olds College in Alberta, Canada in 2013 and received his Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Agribusiness. Since then Cor has worked in the Agriculture sector

in Western Canada and in Ontario, gaining extensive knowledge of the Agriculture Industry. He is currently doing his real estate courses, expecting to be completed later this year. Cor comes from a real estate family, being the son of the late Cor Van Gaalen (Sr). Cor has a passion for agriculture and working with people, helping them grow their business. Cor works together with his colleague Kurt Keller from Interfarms Ontario Inc, an independent brokerage firm with deep roots in the agricultural sector of Ontario. Interfarms Ontario Inc is affiliated with the national and professional real estate agency RE / MAX, Reliable Realty Inc. The team of Interfarms Ontario Inc is available to service emigrants and help them build a future with lasting guidance.

Wilfred Morren

Wilfred Morren


Wilfred Morren has been living and working in Uruguay, South America since 2009. He is active there as a counseler in the purchase of agricultural land. The consultancy can relate to farms that are actively worked and lived in, but also

to agricultural plots as a financial investment.

The purpose of the consultancy is to actively support during the first visit to Uruguay, with purchase with legal and financial support as well as with the subsequent lease of the land. This mediation extends all over Uruguay.

Frans Beurs.jpg

Frans van Wilgen


Frans van Wilgen. In 2012, I moved from the river area to the Westerwald in Rhineland-Palatinate, where I purchased a mixed-use farm with 100 hectares of leased and owned land. I constructed a stable for 150 dairy cows with feed alleys and manure silos, followed by a residence.

In 2012, I moved from the river area to the Westerwald in Rhineland-Palatinate, where I purchased a mixed-use farm with 100 hectares of leased and owned land. I constructed a stable for 150 dairy cows with feed alleys and manure silos, followed by a residence. Over time, the farm expanded to encompass 225 hectares of leased and owned land. Unfortunately, due to health issues, I had to sell the business. Since April 1, 2023, I have been working at Interfarms, covering the Bundesländer of Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Hesse, and a portion of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Marcel Welten

Marcel Welten


Marcel Welten emigrated to Poland in 1996 and lives with his wife and children in Baranowo, a town near Poznań. He grew up on a poultry farm in the Netherlands and studied zootechnical at the Agricultural University in Wageningen. After his studies, he worked

in the pet food industry in the Netherlands for 4 years. Until 2013 Marcel worked in Poland in the compound feed industry as sales manager. In 2013 he decided to start his own company. Since spring 2014 he is our consultant in Poland. In 2014, Marcel has finished the MBA program at the Economic University of Poznań. His wife, Dorota has more than 10 years an office in the financial advisory and accounting for foreign companies in Poland. Marcel knows the agricultural sector and the current legislation in Poland well.

Ben van Dyk.jpg

Ben van Dyk


I am Ben van Dyk first generation immigrant, co-managing /selling partner Real Estate Centre office selling rural real estate in Alberta & Saskatchewan.

Having been in agriculture for 50 years with farm & land ownership, farm real estate agent for more than 30 years currently managing a dairy farm, crop land, land holdings and investment corporations with land holdings and selling real estate.

Executive producer online media platforms Host / organizer for webinars, events & meetings. Tech entrepreneur online with several online business and resources operations include: digital asset management & investment strategies for virtual real estate; development of online ideas, marketing & creative thinking;

Alberta Real Estate Counsel elected agriculture / commercial representative.

Board member for Farming Smarter a registered Canadian charity and non-profit organization with focus on providing relative and advanced agricultural information to producers and industry.

Active in the community with supporting community projects and supporting organisations like the Food grains bank, the local food bank, Stars Air Ambulance.


André Sistermans


We recently extended our emigration guidance for Denmark with André Sistermans.

André lives with his wife, son and two daughters in Sønder Karstoft in Ringkobing County, Denmark. Andre and his wife moved to Denmark in 2002. Before leaving, Andre studied at the Stoas in Dronten. In Denmark, Andre milked 600 cows until 2020, currently he still has 60 young cattle, works at Foderteknik and is going to pick up part of the emigration guidance towards Denmark in cooperation with our emigration supervisor Danitsja Rientjes who has been doing the guidance for us in Denmark for two years.


Danitsja Rientjes


Danitsja Rientjes is purchase supervisor on behalf of Interfarms Danmark ApS. Danitsja has lived in Denmark since 2017, where she and her husband bought a dairy farm in Varde in 2018. Here, they milk 450 Jersey cows and farm 240 hectares of land. Danitsja has a lot of knowledge and experience in the agricultural (real estate) sector. During the Animal & Animal Husbandry course at Agrarische Hogeschool Larenstein in Deventer, she did her six-month internship in Denmark at the Sydvestjysk Landboforening (now Sagro). After completing her education,

Danitsja started work at Countus accountants & advisers in Zwolle and at the same time, she followed the Agrarisch Bedrijfsadviseur course in tax law, agricultural law and business economics.

At that time, Danitsja and her partner had a dairy farm with 70 cows in Wijhe in Overijssel. Foreign countries attracted them and so they sold their dairy farm in the Netherlands to emigrate to Germany. They moved to Jemgum, a village located in the state of Lower Saxony, in 2009. On this dairy farm, they milked 200 cows and had 110 ha of land. Besides working on the farm, Danitsja worked part-time as an emigration counsellor for Dutch farmers who wanted to emigrate to Germany.

Danitsja: 'I really enjoy the whole process of looking for a suitable farm, making business plans, then buying the farm and finally implementing the plans made, and I like to support people as much as possible in this. Because we are farmers here ourselves, we know very well what is going on here and can therefore help people well on their way from our own experience.'

For all back-office matters, Danitsja works closely with Martine de Hoon. Martine works at Sagro as a business economics consultant. Martine also has a dairy farming background, knows the Danish agricultural market and, like Danitsja, speaks Dutch and, of course, Danish.