Individual Investments

Interfarms has many years of experience in purchasing and managing various investment projects worldwide. For entrepreneurs or investors who are looking for a profitable investment in agricultural real estate, we can advise and guide you optimally in the purchase process of a promising investment object.

Individual Investments:

  • You are 100% owner
  • Interfarms acts as a purchase broker
  • If you wish, you can engage us for additional services, including:
    • Mediation in drawing up the operating overview
    • Management of the investment object
    • Sales mediation
    • Opportunity for 10% participation by Interfarms Invest

Inside and outside Europe

Over the years, a lot of knowledge has been built up with regard to the valuation and management of foreign agricultural objects and land

— about both family businesses and generous investment objects, with an emphasis on dairy cattle and arable farming. The European countries where we are currently active: Denmark, Germany, France, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden. Outside Europe we are active in Australia, Canada, Uruguay and the United States. We are also incidentally involved in (investment) objects, including entire companies but also only agricultural land, in Eastern European countries such as Romania and Latvia.


For independent investment projects, Interfarms Invest acts as a purchase broker and you can also engage us for additional services such as mediation in drawing up the operating overview, management and sales mediation.

3046 Denemarken

Offer of investment objects

Interfarms offers several investment objects, among others, in: Denmark, France, Australia, and Uruguay.

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