Real Estate Partners

A list of our main partners, which does not include agencies that advertise on our website.

Achterhof Makelaardij

Achterhof Makelaardij is a real estate agency in the north of the Netherlands. Their working area is mainly the Northern Netherlands; however, work regularly takes them further. In recent years, they have also advised on the purchase and sale of real estate in the southern provinces of the Netherlands. Hence, their specialism is therefore certainly not region-specific.

Hendrik Jan Achterhof (T: +31 6 53 23 46 93)

As a very experienced NVM broker and authorized appraiser in the VastgoedCert register, Achterhof provides tailor-made advice. He knows how to analyze complex situations in a clear manner and to arrive at feasible solutions with his 'no-nonsense' approach.

Harm Jan Schipper (T +31 6 10 91 65 42)

Specialized in agricultural accountancy and advice for arable farming and dairy cattle. He has been using his expertise and years of experience at Achterhof Makelaardij since December 2019.

Hendrik Jan Achterhof

We would like to invite you to get to know us better and to discuss your wishes and future plans in the agricultural sector with us. It is ultimately up to you to decide how you and your business develop in the future.

Heero Boer Makelaardij

Interfarms I Heero Boer makelaardij is an agricultural real estate agency in Dalfsen. The collaboration with Interfarms creates a wide range of services for the customer. The working area broadly includes the province of Overijssel, Noord Veluwe, Friesland, Noordoostpolder and the south of Drenthe.

Heero Boer (T: +31 6 51 33 73 84)

Heero grew up in Schildwolde, on his parents' farm. After the Higher Agricultural School in Groningen, he completed a follow-up study at the Agricultural University of Wageningen. He has been working in agricultural brokerage since 1996. In 2000, he was sworn in as a broker before the court in Zwolle. Heero is an expert broker, aware of current regulations and very capable of guiding and providing advice. As an expropriation expert, he has a lot of experience with (in)voluntary sales during expropriation proceedings.

heero boer landscape.jpg

Expanding, selling or moving?

I would be happy to advise you on the options that best suit your business situation. Contact me for a no-obligation appointment.

Kwantes Makelaardij

Kwantes Makelaardij is a trusted name in West Friesland. Founded in 1934 and with the knowledge and experience of three generations of Kwantes, they are happy to assist you with advice, sales and valuations of (agricultural) real estate.

Jaap en Jorg Kwantes (T: +31 228 59 2244)

Since February 2021, the team has been expanded with Jack van Langen. We can help you with all real estate matters. For both purchase and sale, appraisals and related land and lease matters, as well as expropriation and the mediation of phosphate rights and other production rights. You can rely on an expert and thorough approach. Our motto is 'a good start is half the battle'.

Jaap en Jorg Kwantes

We would like to invite you to get to know us better and to discuss your business plans. Call or send an e-mail for a no-obligation appointment at your home.

Interfarms VLNN Makelaars

Interfarms broker in the Utrecht region, part of North Holland, South Holland and Texel.

Jurjen Nannenga en Jorden Oostdam (T: +31 348 74 8411)

In 2013, Jurjen Nannenga and Jorden Oostdam took the initiative to start the real estate agency Interfarms VLNN Makelaars. The ambition of Interfarms VLNN brokers is to create opportunities and support vision for those who are considering buying and selling agricultural real estate. Our expertise, experience and speed of action offer added value. Our many years of experience and affinity with the agricultural sector and rural areas make us the ideal partner for those who want to develop or who want to phase out.

AV_Interfarms_previews_15 zonder Marga.jpg

Is there a business development coming up soon?

We are happy to advise you. In a personal conversation we would like to draw attention to our added value.

VSO Makelaars & Taxateurs

VSO Makelaars & Taxateurs is an expert agricultural real estate agency with 7 branches in the middle/northern of the Netherlands. In the autumn of 2021, VSO entered into a close collaboration with Interfarms for emigration guidance and investments abroad.

Team VSO (T: +31 883 18 0180)

VSO has been offering farmers support with all common real estate matters since 1988. Cultivated land, grassland, arable farming, dairy and poultry farms, entrepreneurs with agricultural blood, our hearts still beat faster! Greenhouse horticulture is also one of our specialisms.

Team AOG - VSO.jpg

Our agricultural brokers and appraisers are qualified to guide you in making the right choices in the broad field of agricultural real estate. Submit your plans to us. We help you further.

Become a partner!

Interested in becoming an Interfarms partner? Contact us for more information and initial introduction.