A solar park or windmills on your land?

Interfarms Energy can help with this. Interfarms Energy BV is a fully affiliated company to Interfarms, specialized in all issues regarding solar and wind farms.

The initiatives for solar and wind parks on land are literally springing up like mushrooms. Landowners notice this too and are regularly approached if they are interested in solar farm development opportunities on their land. Interfarms sees this as a positive trend, but we also see that this involves a comprehensive process, both financially and contractually. We have noticed that our clients frequently contact us in regard to questions with concerns. We are pleased to see that we can reach out in this matter.


Interfarms Energy

In order to serve our clients well and represent their interests in the best possible way, we have established Interfarms Energy BV. This is a company fully affiliated to Interfarms, specialized in all issues relating to solar and wind parks. Within Interfarms Energy, we are fully at your service with our knowledge and experience in this specific field.

Guidance from a to z

Something we have also noticed in recent years, is that developers of solar and wind parks companies haven’t got a well-established after sales services department. Clients see that after signing a contract, there are no updates communicated by the solar development company in regard to the application process. This, of course, is not the desired situation. If you are interested in the development of a solar or wind farm on your land, we believe that something should actually happen. Interfarms Energy BV would like to oversee this process for you. We know your interests and ensure that the process is followed through and that you are kept informed of any developments. We see your interest as our interest and can guide you from A to Z.

Preliminary research by Interfarms Energy

We can investigate for you whether there are possibilities for developing a solar or wind park on your land. To assess whether your land is suitable for this, thorough preliminary research is required. Interfarms Energy BV can look after this process for you.

Under the leadership of Dennis Doornbos, Interfarms Energy BV is currently taking steps in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. The development of a solar or wind farm requires quite a few specific components. For example, a development must fit within the municipal policy, there must be grid capacity available and the farm must be integrated into the landscape. Interfarms Energy BV is an expert in these areas and will also look after your interests.

Interfarms Energy - Dennis Doornbos

Dennis Doornbos

If you are interested or considering investigating whether your land is suitable for the construction of a solar or wind farm, we would be pleased to make an appointment with you. +31 (0)6-20542070.

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What does the development of a solar park look like?

zonnepark op land

The realization of a solar park is divided into two stages. The research and realization phase; which takes about 2 to 3 years, and the operational phase; the period of 25 to 30 years the solar park is in operation.

The research and realization phase can be divided into the following steps:

  1. Investigation process to determine if the location offers opportunities
  2. Agreement that landowner gives consent to provide his land for prospected development
  3. Conclusion of an agreement with all preconditions between landowner and developer
  4. Submit plans for a solar park to the municipality / Kommune
  5. Provide information requested by the municipality / Kommune. Various (environmental) studies, drawings of intended panel arrangements and plan for landscaping, etc.
  6. Contracting of an EPC partner for the solar park (construction, operation)

In order to maximize the chances of realization, our experience is that steps 1 to 5 should be carried out by a fixed contractor. Interfarms Energy BV offers their expertise to be your contractor. During the investigation phase (steps 1 to 6) the landowner grants the contractor a power of attorney in order to be able to speak and act on behalf of the landowner towards the municipality / Kommune.

Step 6 of the investigation phase can involve a variety of costs that cannot be fully assessed in the preliminary phase. The cost overview can differ per park.

Interfarms Energy BV has considered to have enough coverage for this, by having the option of support of a worldwide operating developer & builder of both wind- and solar parks.

Are your lands suitable for a solar farm?

If you are interested or considering investigating whether your land is suitable for the construction of a solar or wind farm, we would be pleased to make an appointment with you.

It may also be the case that you have already signed a contract or have recently been approached by a developer. Also in this case, we will be happy to get in touch with you to discuss the possibilities to speed up the process!

Feel free to contact us and we can outline the possible options for you without any obligation:

Dennis Doornbos, Interfarms Energy:

T +31 (0)6-20542070 of energy@interfarms.com

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