Visa support

Visa required for Canada, Australia and the US

You need a visa to emigrate to Canada, the United States and Australia. It is advisable to find out early whether or not you are eligible for a visa.

Before granting a visa, the following matters are considered: Age, education, work experience, company details, equity, knowledge of the English language, possibly. work/study/family in the country concerned. A medical examination is also part of the application and it is checked whether there is a criminal record. If you qualify, you can explore further.

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Our subsidiary Visa4you has been handling visa applications since 2000. Visa4you is a recognized visa agency with many years of experience in supporting emigration and visa applications to:

  • Australia (Offshore agent)
  • Canada (Full member ICCRC)

Non-binding visa check

All countries have their own visa laws and application procedures. It differs greatly per country how much time the application takes. If you want to know whether you are eligible for a visa, you can complete a visa check without obligation. On the basis of this, our visa specialists will give you an overview of your visa opportunities and we will advise you on the processing times and procedures for the visa in question.


Do the visa check

Fill in the form and our colleagues at Visa4you will inform you about your visa opportunities.

Complete visa check


The Canadian government has decided that only members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and qualified attorneys may assist you with your visa application for a fee. At Interfarms, Gwenda van Veldhuizen-Helmig is a certified member of the ICCRC.

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Australia has no legislation for non-resident visa specialists. Australia does recognize foreign visa specialists. Visa4you is registered as a foreign visa specialist under Offshore Agent Number: 3010525.

Internship in Canada or Australia?

Do you want to go to Canada or Australia temporarily, for example because you want to do an internship, work or study, then you need a visa

to request. You must also have a work permit if you have to complete an unpaid internship.

Our visa specialists are happy to inform you about this.