Invest Fund

For investors looking for low-risk agricultural investments with good returns, the Interfarms Invest Fund is a good choice.

You invest your assets in an agricultural fund where you can view the tracking figures of recent years. You have no share in the company, and your investment is fully guaranteed.

Interfarms Invest Fund: Good return, low risk

  • No share in the company, so you bear no risk
  • Deposit is fully guaranteed
  • Loan with a term of 5 - 10 years
  • Guaranteed interest annual interest of 4%
  • Minimum investment €100,000

Land retains its value

Investing in agricultural land is characterized by a low risk profile. Land retains its value and with good exploitation an interesting return can be achieved.


The return on agricultural land consists of the average increase in value (indirect return) and the average annual yield (direct return). This annual income from the land includes the rental income, or the income from cultivating the land. The long-term return, or the increase in value, has been between 4 and 8% over the past 10 years.

Right combination of factors

In order to assess the suitability of an investment object, the right combination of factors is critically examined, such as:

  • Availability of an agricultural company with potential
  • Available knowledge, experience and contacts with the local agricultural market
  • Favorable macro-economic developments

Danish agricultural companies

Within Interfarms Invest, investments are currently made in Danish companies. On several fronts, Denmark is a suitable country to invest in agricultural real estate. Due to the enormous fall in land prices after the outbreak of the financial crisis and low-interest rates. The market has bottomed out since 2011, but land prices have halved in large parts of the country. Because many companies in Denmark are 'under water', there are few buyers to be found, but there is plenty of demand for lease companies. Interfarms expects that the market situation will remain at this level for a while and that land prices will not fall further. When the product prices of, among other things, milk and pork start to recover, the price of land will gradually start to rise again.

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The fund does not only invest in Denmark but also includes promising projects in other countries.

Interfarms closely monitors global agricultural developments.

We see good opportunities in the following countries: Australia, Denmark, Germany, France, Poland, Slovakia, and Uruguay.

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