Arable/pig farm,Central Jutland, Denmark

Mixed farm 'Herpinggaard' is located near Lemvig with a total of 380 hectares of land. The company was acquired in 2016.

Herpinggaard is an arable pig farm near Lemvig, the western part of Central Jutland. It has 380 ha of land, of which 340 ha is under cultivation. The soil is heavy to very heavy clay and is therefore particularly suitable for the cultivation of grains and rapeseed.

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Crop yields

The yields per hectare are good. 8 to 10 tons of wheat is quite possible. Interfarms Invest has operated the land under its own management for 2 years (2016 - 2017), as of September 1, 2018 the land has been let.

Renovation pigsties

At three locations it is possible to keep 1,500 sows and to raise the corresponding piglets. The company has modern stables built in 2013, and stables that are ready for demolition. When the stables were purchased in 2016, they were empty. Due to demolition and renovation, one of these locations has now been upgraded to a modern piglet rearing location. This results in good rental income. For a second location, there are plans to upgrade the stables to a modern sow farm with 1,500 places.


With the adjustments made in recent years, Herpinggaard is once again a thriving company with a 4% return on equity. It is expected that the yield figures can be significantly increased by making adjustments to the sow location.

With the track records of this company and our expectations for the coming years, Herpinggaard is an interesting investment property. We offer investors a guaranteed return of 4%.

Investment Opportunities

As an investor, you can invest your assets through our Interfarms Invest Agri Fund, or participate in the ongoing business operation under Interfams Invest Participatie.

We are happy to provide you with more information. Please contact Mr. W. Buiter: +31 (0)6 55 39 29 66

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