Emigration: what does it involve?

Complete emigration guidance: from all preparations up to and including the start-up abroad.

Lots of preparation

Emigrating is a major decision, which you do not have to make overnight. The entire process requires a lot of preparation, and it is wise to be advised and guided by experts in this process. Since 1997, we have been involved with the purchase of farms and agricultural land abroad on a daily basis. Thanks to our knowledge, many years of experience and valuable contacts, you can count on careful and expert guidance when moving abroad.

Network of Dutch-speaking Agents

For the purchase of a farm or agricultural land abroad, we work together with Dutch-speaking real estate advisers spread over more than 10 countries worldwide! Our foreign purchasing advisers know the market, are aware of the tax and legal rules, and have a large agricultural network. As a result, they are often aware of the current supply of farms and agricultural land at an early stage.

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Curious about your options abroad?

Contact us to make an appointment with one of our advisors, with no obligations! We are happy to list the options for you.

I would like to know my options

Demark: The Beukeboom Family

In 2020, the Beukeboom family made the decision: they are going to emigrate to Denmark.

We recorded their emigration process on video. The first recordings were made in the fall of 2020.

The brothers, Niels and Jan Beukeboom, run an organic dairy farm in Finsterwolde, Groningen, together with their parents. Both brothers and their wives have decided to emigrate to Denmark. They are in the middle of the search for a suitable company in Denmark.


Video: Emigration plans Family Beukeboom (Dutch)

In the fall of 2020, the first recordings of the Beukeboom family were made. In this video they explain why they are leaving the Netherlands.


Germany: Family van Wilgen to full satisfaction in Rheinland Pfalz

Started in 2012 with 90 dairy cows in an old barn, more than 150 dairy cows are now being milked in the new dairy barn. Frans and Ingrid van Wilgen and their 3 children Rick, Bram and Merel (14, 12 and 8 years old) are enjoying themselves in hilly Hasselbach.

In 2012, the family emigrated from Vuren in Gelderland to Germany.

van wilgen

Farming abroad - Experiences

Curious about more experiences of Dutch farmers abroad? Read more on our Experiences page.

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Step-by-step Emigration Plan

You can count on us for complete and expert emigration support: before, during and after emigration.

During the purchase of a farm abroad, you have close cooperation with a Dutch-speaking Interfarms purchase advisor/agent, who is fully at your service. The advisors only represent your interests; they do not act on behalf of the sellers of companies abroad.

Globally, the emigration trajectory looks like this:

  1. Inventory of your wishes and insight into your financial possibilities. We will visit your home without obligation for an introductory meeting. Following this conversation, we list the options for you.
  2. Overview of the suitable offer. Based on your preferences, we make an overview of the suitable offer.
  3. Company visits in the relevant country together with your advisor. To experience whether the country suits you and your family to live, we advise you to visit the region and talk to local agricultural entrepreneurs.
  4. Financial justification and forecasts of the company. For a good company assessment, we make a careful financial substantiation of the intended company.
  5. Negotiation and purchase. Your purchase advisor will keep in close contact with you about the progress of the negotiation and the final purchase.
  6. Legal settlement. We will draft correct and complete contracts.
  7. Handover. Our advisors ensure mutual coordination with all those involved.
  8. Start up your new business. You can count on our help with the company's start-up, including setting up accounting, agricultural contacts, bank accounts and family matters such as GP, health insurance, schools, etc.

Do you want to sell your Dutch company?

When you seriously think about emigration, the possible sale of your Dutch company comes into the picture.

That starts with a good appraisal. A reliable and valuable valuation can only be carried out by someone who is fully aware of the various influences on the pricing of the relevant items. Interfarms only works with brokers that are experienced and certified appraisers. In addition to an agricultural background and education, they have a thorough knowledge of the various value determining factors. They can choose the right strategy together with you to market your company.

Why a valuation?

A value indication or valuation is an essential part of the emigration process. Among other things, a value indication is needed for:

  • Any visa application (Canada, USA and Australia);
  • Providing insight into the amount to be invested abroad
  • The accountant and the tax authorities.

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