Fam. Mulder

After we’ve been in Tasmania for one week in April 2006 it was clear to us. Tasmania has it for us. The mild climate, sufficient rainfall and good reasonably priced soil. No quota, no manure law and no big barns, do you want more? The current milk price at AU$ 0,40 is very good and is expected to increase this year. Land prices differ per area. Where we live the prices have increased in a short period of time from AU$ 4,000 to AU$ 8,000. We live in the north western part of Tasmania and this area is pre-eminently the ‘Dairy area’. The prices here are higher than in the drier eastern part of Tasmania. There is also irrigation in this part but for a shorter period of time than in the east. Because of the dry period last year, the prices of feed concentrate and roughage have increased enormously.

The milk production of the cows is not as high as in Europe. Tasmania is a very farmers friendly island. At school, at the hairdresser, where ever you come, everyone talks about agriculture. Everything turns on agriculture. The people here are very positive about the future of livestock farming.

Greetings from Tasmania, Family Mulder