Fam. Hommes - Kleinovink

In 2011 we visited the family Heringastate in Denmark and we were excited about the possibilities in Denmark. During the subsequent 1.5 years we have Hans and Annegien de Vries visited in multiple visits to a number of companies available for sale. During these visits, they told a lot about the country and agriculture. They showed themselves driven and open for questions.

Eventually we bought a cattle farm of 78 hectares on Sjaelland. Even after the purchase, we have received a lot of help and advice. There much to keep in mind and for you as a foreigner is all new.

Meanwhile, the purchase is already 1.5 years ago and we can say that we are very happy with the farm. The soil and climate are good and strict environmental regulations. It's what we expected from it. And it is good to combine with our arable farm in Groningen. We go there a lot and we have nice and reliable Danes around us.

Egge Jan and Heleen Hommes Kleinovink