Fam. De Hoon

In the Netherlands did I, Corné de Hoon, farmed for a few years with my parents and younger brother in partnership. In the acquisition process, we decided to continue both on our own path, my younger brother at the family business continued, and Martine and I started looking for another company. After touring through Denmark in end of 2009 with Hans de Vries, it became clear to us that this country had lots of opportunities for us. Because of the crisis is was possible to buy a large modern dairy farm.

After a search of more than two years, we have acquired a dairy farm in Ørnhøj in western Jyland. A modern company with a 2006 dairy barn with room for 170 cows and associated young stock, 133 ha and 18 ha property lease. On March 15, 2012, we, along with our two boys aged 2 and 4 years old at the time, moved to Denmark and started on our new site.

We were very warmly welcomed by all the neighbours, they came the first week here along with a welcome flower and to offer their help. We experienced the Danes as very friendly and welcoming. It is very appreciated if you speak the language (or trying to anyway) and you join in the Danish customs and traditions. Now, after 2.5 years, we have very good relationship with our neighbours, our children have 'spare' grandfathers and grandmothers and we have Danish friends. The children are very happy at the nursery and school and have many friends.

Also, our company is going well. The first year we have seen a lot of green snow, but now runs good. We now have 185 dairy cows with a production of 10,800 kg and low health costs. We work with a permanent employee and a student. This year we have contiguous to our business leased 25 ha of land, so that we can grow some of our concentrates itself. Our company is ready for the future!

We are pleased that we made this step. In Denmark, we may take in a friendly agriculture area in a nice area with a good social life.

Venlig hilsen,

Corné and Martine, William and Dirk de HoonStenager Holstein