Erik Bruil

I emigrated from Denmark to Germany. In Denmark I was in partnership with a friend, we did not, however, agree with each other when it came to the course of the company and much deliberation decided to leave the firm. The value of dairy farms and especially the land had risen in value.

The choice of Germany is mainly originated from the fact that I'd wanted to live closer to family, namely because my parents start to come of age and I am also a bachelor.

The fact that the breeding goals of the breeding associations fit very well for me is a nice extra, because breeding is the passion in my profession. The available capital was enough so that I could start well in Germany.

Initially I concentrated on the areas Rheinland Pfalz and North Rhine Westphalia. Especially Rheinland Pfalz knows a structure that some larger companies find a good housing estate, and also the rolling country I liked.

In the end I chose a business near Osnabrück. The company has good soil and a reasonable allotment. It is an hour away from my family.

What struck me about this company is that the crops on the land to grow very well, I also had to determine that there was a lot of deferred maintenance like grassland management, hedgerows and the sides of the plots.

Relating to the acquisition, we shouldn’t have given the seller such a long time as we did. We signed in October and adopted on April 1, 2008. I strongly feel that the selling party were busy with their own future plans this half a year than with my company.

Currently I am busy building, part of the stable were the bulls are, is being renovated with cubicles and the milking parlor is extended to a 2x9 herringbone.

So eventually all the puzzle pieces will fall into place and will also come home feeling.